Dark Corners

A Phantom Vilgilante
Second and last adventure, as I moved out of state a couple months later.

Alex opens up a bar called the Ugly Mug in New Orleans in a somewhat bad area of town after getting out of the military. A gangbanger is killed behind his bar while he is closing up one night, and then he starts to receive anonymous emails about strange stuff going on in that part of town for the past few months, especially the last couple weeks…accidents among the seedier people, mostly seeming to stem from hallucinations. On a slow night, the door of the Ugly Mug bursts open and another gang member bursts in, firing his guns at something no one else can see. Alex tackles him and he starts rambling about an evil priest in the corner, but there is nothing there. He gets free and runs outside, only to be hit and killed by a car. The driver insists he didn’t see him – at all.

Jade gets an anonymous email with a link. The link goes to a video from the Ugly Mugs security camera showing the incident and struggle with the gang member, and she sees an odd priest in the corner of the bar. Feeling oddly compelled to investigate, even though she hates getting involved in this stuff, she goes to the bar and meets Alex, who insists there was no priest actually there, and he has no clue how the tape (which he hasn’t looked at) got on the internet. They decide to look into it. After discovering even more odd stuff happening in the area (mostly to gang members, hookers, and dealers) and receiving even more emails (never from the same address, one even from another paramedic Jade works with…who had closed that email account months ago), they find out from talking to the local gang leader (now paralyzed from the neck down by a strange accident) that a priest had started a community watch group a year ago to drive out the gangs, but had been executed (by him) in the middle on the road in front of everyone after his assistant had been beaten to death by the same gang. No one reported it, being to scared to do so.

A few days later the gang leader dies, and Alex and Jade both receive an email containing a link to a news article from the local paper…the priest’s father (also a priest) has started a new community watch group. The ghost priest had killed, maimed, or scared away much of the criminal element, so there was little trouble. It seems he just wanted revenge, and decided to clean up the area a bit while he got it. Jade thought the dead priests father was behind it, but was proven wrong when she confronted him.

Alex and Jade saw no reason to intervene, being that the victims were criminals. The ghost has not been seen again, and the Ugly Mug seems to suddenly be in a slightly better neighborhood.

A Nearly Invisible Tragedy
This was the first run of the campaign.

Jade O’Donnell, a paramedic in New Orleans, was on her way home from a bar when she heard a noise from an alley in the French Quarter. Investigating, she found a young woman dying of stab wounds. She tried to save her, but it was too late.

Over the next couple weeks, she was repeatedly visited by the ghost of this girl, who she had discovered was a junkie forced into prostitution by her dealer/boyfriend/pimp, now in jail awaiting trial. She would appear in the rearview mirror of the ambulance she drove, in her bathroom mirror at home, but was never there outside the mirrors. She wrote messages in fog on the glass, leading Jade back to the alley, where she found a locket that had fallen into a crack in the pavement. The ghost began writing an address. Jade and a co-woker and friend went to the address, finding the girls mother and discovering the deceased was a decent and smart girl who fell in with the wrong people. Jade gave the girls mother the locket, lying and saying the girl had told her to return it to her mother as she died. The mother was overjoyed, having been estranged from the girl for some time. The locket was a family heirloom.

As they drove away, the mirror fogged up and the words ‘thank you’ appeared. As the fog faded, Jade saw the ghost standing in front of her mothers house wave and fade away, her unfinished business now taken care of..


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