Dark Corners

A Nearly Invisible Tragedy

This was the first run of the campaign.

Jade O’Donnell, a paramedic in New Orleans, was on her way home from a bar when she heard a noise from an alley in the French Quarter. Investigating, she found a young woman dying of stab wounds. She tried to save her, but it was too late.

Over the next couple weeks, she was repeatedly visited by the ghost of this girl, who she had discovered was a junkie forced into prostitution by her dealer/boyfriend/pimp, now in jail awaiting trial. She would appear in the rearview mirror of the ambulance she drove, in her bathroom mirror at home, but was never there outside the mirrors. She wrote messages in fog on the glass, leading Jade back to the alley, where she found a locket that had fallen into a crack in the pavement. The ghost began writing an address. Jade and a co-woker and friend went to the address, finding the girls mother and discovering the deceased was a decent and smart girl who fell in with the wrong people. Jade gave the girls mother the locket, lying and saying the girl had told her to return it to her mother as she died. The mother was overjoyed, having been estranged from the girl for some time. The locket was a family heirloom.

As they drove away, the mirror fogged up and the words ‘thank you’ appeared. As the fog faded, Jade saw the ghost standing in front of her mothers house wave and fade away, her unfinished business now taken care of..



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